Enter To Sweepstakes To Win A FREE Home Octopus Lantern Cash Value $154

Enter To Sweepstakes To Win A FREE Home Octopus Lantern Cash Value $154

There is NO purchase necessary to win this contest to win this FREE octopus lantern with a cash value of $154. This is a very unique jackpot prize. If you like sea home decor or maybe your an octopus fan – This is the contest for you. Get the details of how to win this groovy lantern below.

Jackpot Prize Details

This octopus lantern holds tea light candles inside of the 3 lanterns that the octopus has in its tentacles. Tea light candles are NOT included as part of the jackpot prize.

Contest Code: 6212018OCTOPUS

How To Enter To Win This Contest For The Octopus Lantern

  • Send an email to BestFreeFreebies@gmail.com
  • Place this contest code in the subject line = 6212018OCTOPUS
  • In the content of this email – please include your mailing address. ->This should be the address that you would like to receive your prize if you are the chosen WINNER.

For Example:

To: BestFreeFreebies@gmail.com
From: (Your Email)
Subect: 6212018OCTOPUS

“Home Decor
777 Casino Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 88901″


This prize is purchased from Amazon. IF by chance the prize is unavailable to ship at the time of the drawing – the winner will receive the cash value of $154 in the form of a Visa gift card. We will ONLY send the cash value to the winner if the prize is unable to be shipped.


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